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Mira Hirtz

Micro-worlds: dancing co-creation

This lecture performance on my current research into the linkage between dance, somatic practices and ecology will reflect on the difficulties, possibilities and questions that keep arising when trying to grasp the complexity of ‘nature’, while trusting into the unfolding knowledge within improvisation and dance scores. The focus is on the scale of micro-worlds that shape me as a consortia of bacteria, that co-create the us and our environment, to a degree that I am myself a stranger. What if somatic practices and dance are means to experience and learn something about this life-world, in a phenomenological and experiential sense, by moving and sensing into a heightened state of witnessing the inner and environing world? How do needs, emotion and cultural role come into play? And how to talk about, share, perform this research?

Mira Hirtz is currently pursuing the MFA Creative Practice at Trinity and Laban Conservatoire and Independent Dance London, researching on embodied dance, witnessing, outdoor movement and ecology. She is eager to bridge her research to other academic and educative fields, having graduated in art theory from University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe in and worked as an art mediator in galleries, such as ZKM Karlsruhe and at documenta14 in Kassel.