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Welcome to TaPRA 2019 at the University of Exeter!

Lisa Lapidge and Jess Tucker Boyd

Listening Across Versions

We propose a ten-minute provocation around translation in international vocal performance making. This will be an insight into the work of Lisa Lapidge, Jinyoung Kim and Jess Tucker-Boyd’s Research & Development period towards a new performance piece. We navigate this making process, listening across language & culture (English and Korean) and listening through a translator. Can we create an intersection of intentions via a translator intermediary? Can we create a layered listening where the sonic qualities of our voices in our mother tongues communicate beside and beyond the semantic meanings which reach us via translation?
In 2006 Don Paterson produced a collection of poems entitled “Orpheus: A version of Raine Maria Rilke”. Paterson’s Afterword which follow the poems, explores the specifics of translation and version. To Paterson, “in the version, the integrity of the end justifies the means” (p.81 Paterson, 2006). Something of the spirit of the original is potentially contained in the version which a more direct translation may not capture. What meanings are lost from the sonic qualities of the German when translated into English, which a version may be better placed to capture? Following on from this, we propose that, in the process of creating our vocal led performance, we create versions of our intentions and ideas that arrive to others through our voices in our own languages, our attempts at communicating in each other’s languages, and via our understanding gleaned through semantic translation.

Lisa Lapidge and Jess Tucker Boyd are both lecturers at the University of Northampton on the BA Acting & Creative Practice course. They hold an MA with Distinction in Voice Studies and Movement Directing & Teaching retrospectively from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Lisa was a core member of ZU-UK for 8 years and co-created the overnight immersive performance Hotel Medea. Jess was a founding member of the Alchemist Theatre company, and is currently an Artistic Associate of the King Head Theatre. They are currently working on a performance project with Jinyoung Kim of Momsori Voice Theatre, Korea entitled 'Waking the Witch'. Their work on the project looks to the past ? the Witches of Northampton and the 마녀 Mayeo and 무 Mu Dang (female Shamen) of Korea in relation to the present #metoo movement. This project combines extended voice work, movement and technology.