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Conference Bursaries for Postgraduate Presenters

Denis Cryer-Lennon (University of South Wales)who is presenting a provocation entitled ‘How to research an exercise’ in the Performer Training Working Group 

Poppy Spowage (Royal Holloway)who is presenting a paper in the Applied and Social Theatre Working Group entitled 'East African Soul Train: Reimagining the Possibilities of Performance in East Africa' 

Magdalena Szczygielska (University of Reading)who is presenting a paper to the Performer Training Working Group entitled 'Misunderstandings & positive failures: Exercises generating modes of communication in the cross-cultural rehearsal space' 

Cassandra Tytler (Monash University)who is presenting a paper in the Documenting Performance Working Group entitled 'The Potentialities of Minimalism & Performance-Based Video Practice to disrupt Chrononormativity & Offer an Utopian Performative'.