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Thursday, September 5 • 9:00am - 5:00pm
TaPRA Gallery

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The TaPRA Gallery presents artworks and documentation arising from Practice as Research (PaR) projects in and across theatre and performance disciplines.The theme is 'Borderlands', especially how it might relate to the body and subjectivity in PaR. The work is located in Thornlea, some presented in a more traditional gallery mode, and some to be encountered accidentally.

The Gallery has been curated by PhD researchers in the Performance.Experience.Presence (P.E.P) research group at the University of Plymouth.

Exhibit Locations:
Alexander Building GP1 – Anna Macdonald
Alexander Building GP2 – Anthea Moys, Charlie Conforth
White House Library (ground floor) – Sophie Edlund, Janice Howard
White House Foyer - Prophecy Sun and Reese Muntean
Alexander Building Computer Room – Karen Abadie, Teri & James, Karen Berger, Christina Papagiannouli
Alexander Building Gallery – Carmen Wong, Katerina Athanasopoulou, Nik Wakefield, Natalie, Kathy & Chris


karen abadie

Performing the unspeakable on the skin (for Bodies and Performance WG)My doctoral research explores what happens when feelings in my body become intolerable, how, over time, I have developed a strategy that works, but one that other people find horrific, disgusting, impossible to... Read More →

Katerina Athanasopoulou

I am submitting/proposing three prints deriving from my current research in Virtual Reality as a medium of peripatetic documentary. The work begins as I perform a kind of solitary procession, holding a 360 camera on a ‘selfie stick’ like a staff, or a flagpole, or a torch. My... Read More →

Karen Berger

Performing Belonging/Performing Exploring   In this work I use my subjective performing body to interrogate colonisation and the hegemony of borders. Two videos juxtapose documentation of the site specific performance I created for my prize-winning Practice as Research M.A... Read More →

Charlie Cornforth

I am a performance artist who has been conducting a research masters at Plymouth University. For the past year, I have been investigating the formation of toxic masculinity within my own identity. Seeking to understand how the body may be used as a site of resistance to reveal and... Read More →
avatar for Sophia Edlund

Sophia Edlund

PhD Candidate, University of Exeter
Visualising vocal attraction: A 10-minute practice-as-research provocationImages of birdsong condensing in the air into aesthetic formations and of toad calls creating ripples on the water’s surface usually enchant viewers. Nature ‘captures’ these vocalisations like instant... Read More →

Katheryn Owens and Chris Green

Provocation for Performance, Identity and Community WG: I’m dead! Russian Doll, trauma and friendshipIn this provocation we will discuss how the notion of the ‘slow cancellation of the future’, as articulated through Mark Fisher’s Ghosts of My Life (2014) is explored through... Read More →

Teri and James Harper-Bailie

Redacted  This short film aims to negotiate the public/private dynamics at play within our collaborative research, in particular it aims to highlight a blurring of the boundaries between the personal, the private and the public. Sarah Wall recognised this blurring within autoethnographic practices... Read More →

Janice Howard

Merleau-Ponty talks about how meaning is bodily and how our body is our anchorage to the world. What happens then when a body can’t remember? How do you and those around you anchor when everything is literally and figuratively in motion, when meaning is disrupted? a well trodden... Read More →

Anna Macdonald

I made everything is a durational performance for camera (moving image installation) that explores the complex relationship between integrity, validation and the body within the artist’s work. In it, dance artist and scholar, Anna Macdonald lays claim to a list of culturally recognised... Read More →

Anthea Moys

Performer Training Presentation:Playing to Win Vs. Playing to keep on PlayingThe practice-as-research project investigates what could happen when we adopt ‘trickster tactics’ through performance to ‘change the rules of the game’ in sport so as to potentially create an alternate... Read More →

Prophecy Sun and Reese Muntean

Standard models of research-creation usually take the form of a project, documentation, disseminated through presentations and academic literature. This interdisciplinary artwork takes a contemporaneous making-thinking-doing approach that explores and tries to define new potent fields... Read More →

Christina Papagiannouli

On January 2014, I cyber-collaborated remotely with international artists and cyberformance experts, who were born in different countries from those in which they were living at that time, to stage a cyberformance on UpStage platform on the topic of migration, immigration and... Read More →
avatar for Natalie Raven

Natalie Raven

University of Plymouth
Scenography WG Presentation:Staging Bodies in Situ: Artistic Responses to Working with/in Landscape. This paper charts my experiences and critical reflections as a performance artist, in the making of visual artworks situated in landscape at locations across the UK and USA. Veiled... Read More →

Playing Dead

Playing Dead is a handmade artist book of polaroid photographs of reenactments of eight famous dead people buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. The book maps the locations of the graves of dancers, actors, musicians and writers such as Isadora Duncan and Gertrude Stein... Read More →

Thursday September 5, 2019 9:00am - 5:00pm BST
Thornlea: Various